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Councilmember Contact Information

Paul Meyer, Mayor 
Ward II
Term Expires 12/31/14
1812 Custer Avenue, 82604
(307) 237-7481

Charlie Powell, Vice Mayor of City Council

Ward II
Term Expires 12/31/16
2430 Allyson Place, 82604
(307) 577-6042


Paul Bertoglio, Councilmember
Ward III
Term expires 12/31/14
950 Waterford, 82609
104 South Wolcott, #823, 82601
(307) 235-4726

Craig Hedquist, Councilmember 
Ward II
Term expires 12/31/16
264 Daffodil, 82604
(307) 237-8543


Steve Cathey, Councilmember            

Ward III
Term expires 12/31/16
2141 Cornwall, 82609
(307) 472-0077

Keith Goodenough

Keith Goodenough, Councilmember

Ward I
Term Expires 12/31/14
P. O. Box 1852, 82602
(307) 237-3114

  Bob Hopkins, Councilmember
Ward I
Term expires 12/31/16
714 South Beech Street, 82601
(307) 472-1837

Kenyne Schlager, Councilmember

Ward III
Term expires 12/31/14
200 N. David Street
(307) 235-8224


Daniel Sandoval, Councilmember 

Ward I
Term expires 12/31/16
P.O. Box 3009, 82602
(307) 277-3942


Council Header

The Casper City CouncilThe City of Casper operates under a council-manager form of government as outlined in State of Wyoming Statutes 15-4, Article 2. The entire legislative authority for the City of Casper is vested in the nine-member Casper City Council.

Citizens from each of the City's three wards elect three representatives who reside within the respective wards to become members of the City Council for 4-year staggered terms. The Council then appoints a Mayor and Vice President from among their body to serve in leadership capacities. The Mayor and Vice President serve for a period of one year.

The City Council meets in a regular session on the first and third Tuesday of each month and holds a work session on the second and fourth Tuesday and the last Friday of the month.

Council meets at: Casper City Hall 200 North David Street