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What is GIS

A geographic information system (GIS) integrates hardware, software, data, and workflows to capture, manage, analyze, and display all forms of spatially referenced information.

About Us

The City of Casper Geographic Information System ( GIS ) Division develops and maintains the computer based mapping of Casper, Bar Nunn, Evansville, Mills and the surrounding area. Information maintained in the city's GIS includes buildings, street data including bus routes, snow removal routes, repairs, signs, and ADA ramps, contours, parks, trails, trees, subdivisions including lot information, ownership, and zoning, city owned utilities, municipal boundaries, political boundaries, water features (rivers & streams), flood zones and addressing. These features have been used with various databases to show such things as crime analysis, traffic accidents or where new building permits have been issued. GIS is used extensively by the entire community for analysis, planning, and a decision-making tool.


GIS was first used in the city in 1992. It began as an aerial photograph from which the base map was created. The first base map layers were buildings, streets, rivers, utility features, trees, and sidewalks. In the 20 years since the GIS was started many projects have been developed. One of the major projects is county-wide streets, addressing and parcel layers. Updates to the original aerial projects have been made in 2000, 2005 and 2010. The aerial photographs are now available in digital format.


A newly organized regional effort will create a comprehensive county wide GIS office that will allow all the data to be standardized and housed in one location for the benefit of all the entities. Current plans include developing a web based application that will allow all the entities to perform updates to their data, obtaining current satellite photographs and implementing emergency routing software for emergency services, sanitation and other uses. The continued expansion of GIS projects and usage throughout our area as well as the state provide exciting prospects for making information available to our citizens.


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