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City Council and City Manager

The City of Casper has a council-manager form of government. The nine members of the City Council are elected from three different wards to 4-year terms. (Click here to find out which ward you live in.) The City Council employs a single executive, the City Manager, to oversee the city's day-to-day operations.


  Standing, from left: 
Steve Cathey, Craig Hedquist, Bob Hopkins, Paul Bertoglio,  Kenyne Schlager, Charlie Powell, Paul Meyer, Keith Goodenough,  and Daniel Sandoval

CMO Information

City Council
Meet the Casper City Council and find information on current City Councilmembers including photos, contact information and ward boundaries.  

City Manager's Office:

The City Manager oversees the City’s seven operating departments. Click here to contact the city manager with any questions or concerns. 

Click here for general information on the City of Casper and the people who live here.

City of Casper Newsletters:

Volume 2.5-October

Volume 2.4-August

Volume 2.3-June

Volume 2.2-April

Volume 2.1- February

Volume 1.2 - December

Volume 1.1 - October