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Relationship Stress

Welcome to the Relationship Stress Health Talk
    with Dr. Charlie Powell

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Relationship Stress Quiz

We all approach our relationships with an image of a desired partner, based on various fantasies and experiences with our own parents and upbringing, media portrayals, etc.  Physical, of course, but other characteristics that we think must be there for things to work.

We come to appreciate our partner for who they are, warts and all.   Couples who last – who make it to their 50th - report that they actually come to appreciate the things that used to drive them crazy, because that’s who he/she is.  If we succeeded in changing them, making them into the partner we desired, they’d be someone else – someone we don’t know.    


What’s called for then, is a sense of gratitude.  And paying attention, making time, placing the relationship at the front of the line.  Because what goes around… comes around.

Relationship stress is most of our own making.  Try to judge less, and appreciate more.