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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My neighbor and I are having a dispute regarding the boundary line of our properties.  Who can I call to help me?

Boundary disputes are personal legal matters and are not within the jurisdiction of the City of Casper.  You would need to contact a private surveyor, attorney, or your title company to assist you.

  • My neighbor’s tree overhangs the fence onto my property.  Who can I call to help me?

This City of Casper has no jurisdiction on issues between private property owners.  You would need to settle the dispute yourselves, file a complaint against your neighbor in Court, or refer the dispute to an attorney.

  • Who is responsible for trimming trees and cutting weeds in the parkway?

It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain the parkway free and clear of weeds and to trim any tree branches that are in violation of City codes.  If an outside party trims the trees in the parkway, they must be a licensed arborist.  Contact the Parks Department at 235-8281 for more information.

  • Can I cut down and remove a tree located in the parkway in front of my house? 

A property owner has a right to remove a tree in front of their house that is located in the parkway once a permit has been obtained from the Parks Department at 235-8281.  However, if another person is contracted to remove the tree for you, the person has to be a licensed arborist.   In addition, if removing the tree will obstruct traffic, a street closure permit needs to be obtained from the Engineering Department at 235-8341. 

  • Can I make an anonymous complaint?

Yes, you may contact us anonymously, however, all anonymous complaints will be reviewed on a low priority basis. 

  • Why can’t I park my trailer on the street?

Municipal Code, Section 10.36 specifically prohibits parking trailers on the street for more than 5 consecutive days in any 30-day period without a permit from the City of Casper, Finance Department.  Restrictions apply to corner lots of intersecting streets, as well as parking on designated snow routes.  Contact Code Enforcement at 235-8254 for more information.  Due to hazards created by drifting and blowing snow in the wintertime, it is recommended that all trailers be removed from city streets.

  • Why can’t I park my work trailer on the street at home?

Besides being illegal to park a trailer on a street as per Section 10.36, the home occupation ordinance also prohibits the parking of larger vehicles such as wreckers, trucks, semi-trucks, trailers, etc., in any residential neighborhood.  Refer to Section 17.12.140 of the Casper Municipal Code or contact Code Enforcement at 235-8254 for more information.   

  • How many unlicensed vehicles can I have on private property? 

One, however, it has to be operable.  Likewise all licensed vehicles have to be operable.  Refer to Section 8.36 of the Casper Municipal Code or contact Code Enforcement at 235-8254 for more information. 

  • How many real estate signs can I have on a property? 

Only one real estate sign is permitted per lot or parcel and has to be located entirely within the property to which the sign applies.  Also, real estate signs are not allowed in any city right-of-way or parkway.  Refer to Section 17.96.020(A)(7) of the Casper Municipal Code or contact Code Enforcement at 235-8254 for more information. 

  • Do you need your neighbor’s permission to build a fence on the property line? 

It is legal for you to erect a fence on your side of the property line without your neighbor’s permission; however, a permit is required and there are regulations that apply to the height and the location of the fence.  Refer to Section 17.12.120 of the Casper Municipal Code or contact Code Enforcement at 235-8254 for more information.  

  • Can I repair my neighbor’s fence that blew down? 

It is recommended that you do not repair the fence without your neighbor’s knowledge and approval because you assume liability if the fence isn’t repaired correctly. 

  • Do I need a fence permit to repair or alter a fence? 

Yes, a permit is required for any repair, construction, or alteration.  Refer to Section 17.12.120 of the Casper Municipal Code or contact Code Enforcement at 235-8254 for more information. 

  • Can I park my vehicle or trailer “for sale” on any lot in Casper? 

Due to zoning regulations, this is not permitted.  Contact Code Enforcement at 235-8254 for more information.

  • My landlord refuses to make the necessary repairs on my apartment. Is there anything the City can do to help me out?

It depends on what the scope of the repairs are that need to be made.  If the issues are legitimate health and safety hazards, then you would need to contact the Fire Department at 235-8222 to report those issues.  Many times, the lack of repairs are the result of a miscommunication between the landlord and tenant, and by putting your request in writing to the landlord, this clarifies to that person what you are asking for.  If there are electrical issues, then you, as tenant, can apply for a code compliance permit (a $15.00 fee applies) that allows the Electrical Inspector access to your apartment to check for electrical violations.    If electrical code violations are found, then the Electrical Inspector may refer the violations to the Building Official and Fire Chief for further action that may result in the building being declared unfit for occupancy until the necessary repairs are made.  Contact the Building Inspections Department at 235-8264 for more information.

  • Am I responsible for picking up litter that is in the alley behind my house? 

Yes, you as owner or tenant are responsible for maintenance of the alley directly behind your house as well as the sidewalk and gutter area in front of your house.  This applies to the removal of litter that has accumulated, as well as tall weeds and grass.  For litter, refer to Section 8.40.020(B), Property Maintenance; for weed removal, refer to Section 8.44.010, Weed Removal.  Contact Code Enforcement at 235-8254 for more information.  

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