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The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for helping to maintain the quality of life in Casper by addressing nuisance violations that pertain to weeds, litter, junk, junk vehicles, dangerous buildings, recreational vehicle parking, etc.  Code Enforcement also enforces zoning regulations, fencing, signage, and setback regulations as well as other issues related to building permits, permitted uses, etc.

Property maintenance regulations are an integral tool for enforcing and encouraging the maintenance and upkeep of local properties.  The regulations place the responsibility for maintenance and upkeep primarily upon the property owner and/or tenant.  Property owners and/or tenants (or those in charge of a property), that violate municipal ordinances, are notified to correct the violation and comply with City ordinances.  Most individuals, once notified of a violation, are willing to comply.  However, for those individuals that do not comply, the violation may be referred to the Municipal Court for further action.

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Meet your Code Enforcement Team!

From Left to Right:  Amber Buhler, Cheryl Metzger, Kelly Shanley,
Justin Scott, and Shelley LeClere

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(307) 235-8254
(307) 235-8362 
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Doug Barrett,

Shelley LeClere,

Cheryl Metzger,
Code Enforcement Officer

Amber Buhler,
Code Enforcement Officer

Justin Scott,
Code Enforcement Officer 

Kelly Shanley,

CE Shadow

  The Community Development Department consists of 7 divisions and 21 employees.  For more information on an individual division, click on the link in the grey box below:
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