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Promoter/Booking Info

Casper Events Center#1 Events Drive | Casper, WY 82601
PO Box 128 | Casper, Wyoming 82602
Box Office: 307-577-3030 | 800-442-2256
Administrative Offices: 307-235-8441
Marketing and Advertising: 307-235-8456
Catering: 307-235-8441

Promoter & Booking Agency Information

    For rates or available dates, please contact the Events Center Administrative Office at 307-235-8441 or by email at caspereventscenter@cityofcasperwy.com.


      We will tentatively "hold" your requested date(s). However, if another tenant requests your date, or a portion thereof, you will be required to execute a contract and submit the required deposit, or release the date. Deposit amount is equal to the first day rental fee and is refundable after it has been determined there is no building damage or unpaid expenses at the completion of the event.


      All charges due the Casper Events Center are payable on demand at the completion of tenant's event.


      If determined by the Events Center management that a second event attempting to be booked is substantially similar to an existing scheduled event, the Events Center will grant appropriate protection prior to and after an event.


      The Casper Events Center provides all staff services required to stage an event at competitive rates. This personnel includes box office services, security, medical, stagehands, maintenance, ushers, and registration personnel, etc.


      The Box Office has a total of seven (7) windows, of which four (4) are located outside, and three (3) are inside. In addition, a satellite box office with two windows can be put into operation upon opening the doors for a show. Tickets can also be obtained by phone, by mail order or by internet order at www.caspereventscenter.com . If requests are received more than one week prior to an event, tickets are mailed to the purchaser; if received less than one week prior to the event, tickets are held in "will-call" and be claimed with ID. 

      The Box Office is operated by the building. Tickets are printed in-house. The Box Office uses Paciolan Ticketing Software.

      Box Office Hours of Business: 11:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; Monday through Friday

      Day of Show Hours: 4 Hours prior to doors until half time or intermission

      Local and State Sales Tax: 5%

     Ticket Count Contact: Kristina Olson; (307) 235-8432; kolson@cityofcasperwy.com


      The City requires that the certificate of insurance include the policy endorsement page that shows the City of Casper and its employees as additional insured.  The City of Casper needs to be shown as the certificate holder. (City of Casper; 200 North David; Casper, Wyoming 82601).  Please make sure the name and date of the event are shown on the certificate.  The City also would like a 30 day written notice of cancellation. Submit your certificate of insurance to the Casper Events Center (PO Box 128; Casper, WY 82602). If you have any questions or concerns about these terms, please contact the Casper Events Center at 307-235-8441.


      All concession and novelty sales rights are reserved to the City and its assigned agent.  The City of Casper is the exclusive caterer/concessionaire and novelty vendor of the Casper Events Center.

     Concessions and Catering Contact: Al Moerke; (307) 235-8459; amoerke@cityofcasperwy.com

     There is an on-site Kitchen; Alcoholic Drinks can be sold on-site.

      Shape of hall is basically that of a horseshoe, with retractable seating to allow greater flat floor space.  Overall floor dimensions are 235 feet in length, 120 feet in width (with seats retracted) and 87.6 feet in height.  The trusses span a total of 294 feet to produce a column‑free arena and spectator space; 57.5 feet being the lowest point above the main floor.


     All seating is totally unobstructed, upholstered, theater type manufactured by Hussey Manufacturing.

       4,400          reserved seats for half‑house
      2,800          reserved seats for theater (full proscenium stage)
      7,600          reserved seats for ice shows
      8,800          reserved seats for basketball
      7,300          reserved seats for rodeo
      9,700          reserved seats for concerts
    10,400          reserved seats for concerts in the round     
    10,000          reserved seating for wrestling and boxing
* Seating numbers are general estimates subject to individual event set-up requirements


      The Casper Events Center is equipped with three service accesses, with two located on the main event level and one on the concourse level. Main entrance is twenty feet by twenty feet (20' x 20') with the added luxury of a twelve by eighteen foot (12' x 18') door located at the opposite end of the building. This expedites load-in and load-out. An additional bonus is the twelve feet by twelve feet (12' x 12') access door located on the north main concourse.


      General: Arena lighting is provided by 104 1KW Mercury Vapor and 16 1KW Incandescent lamps on six (6) non‑dimmable circuits.  Levels of 90‑foot candles can be achieved on the arena floor.  These levels decrease to 40‑foot candles on the 35th row above the arena floor.  The color temperature is approximately 4,400° Kelvin.

Theatrical:  A modest theatrical lighting package is available, which includes the following instruments:

50                  750 watt                           ETC Source Four                    Par Fixture
24                  750 watt                           ETC Source Four                    10 Degree Leko
30                  750 watt                           ETC Source Four                    14 Degree Leko
5                    3 x 750 watt                     Colortran                                 3 Circuit Cyclorama Light
8                    1600 watt                         Strong                                     Xenon Super Trooper  
Theatrical lighting (except for Super Troopers) is controlled by ETC 24/48 Express console.

      The principal sound reinforcement system is designed for sporting events, although it has sufficient flexibility to adequately handle less demanding conference, theatrical, and concert presentations.  From the control room located on the concourse level, a 32 input Allen & Heath GL4000 console feeds 1) a biamped constant directivity central cluster powered by 4, QSC GX5 amplifiers; 2) a Phonic Ear brand dedicated FM Hearing Impaired System; 3) as many as four (4) stage monitor mixes to as many as eight (8), Altec and Electro Voice monitor speakers; 4) a concourse/entrance sound system; 5) a distributed low‑level system in the conference and meeting rooms; and 6) a dressing room monitor system.

     A compliment of 25 Audio‑Technica, Crown, Countryman, Electro Voice, and Shure microphones is available to cover most applications.  Playback facilities include Stereo Cassette and CD players.  Limited signal processing is available.

     A Clear‑Com brand intercom system allows communication between the control room, spotlight baskets, arena floor, and star's dressing room.  An interface is available to connect lessee's two-, three- or four‑wire systems.

: Three phase 120/208-volt power is available from three locations with the following relationships to the standard full house concert stage:

                  225 amperes at 84' Stage Left of USC

                  200 amperes at 82' Stage Right of USC

                  400 amperes at 62' Stage Right of USC

               Individual 800, 400, 200 & 200 ampere services at 90' Stage Left of USC.
(these are shared service from 1200 ampere main service breaker)

      House can provide 3-phase cable with CAM-LOK connectors for runs up to 450 feet.  If a feed of more than 450 amps is required, however, all house cable will be used to provide the 400+ amp feed, and lessee must provide all cables and tails for the smaller feeds.  In addition, there is one three phase 277/480-volt ampere feed located under section "G" in the service corridor.


      The ceiling of the Casper Events Center features totally exposed iron trusses and a single level catwalk system.  With a ceiling‑to‑floor height of 87.6 feet, the rigging possibilities are nearly limitless.  For full‑house concerts, a grid at the East End of the arena has standard weight limit of 32,000 pounds.* For theatrical and half‑house concert presentations, a center grid allows as much as 12,000 pounds* to be flown.  For theatrical presentations, an electric winch system provides up to 15 line sets with a capability of up to 1,000 pounds each.

     *These weight capabilities are standard. Up to 100,000 pounds may be flown depending on snow load on building. Weights in excess of 32,000 pounds must be approved by city engineer.

Note: Lagging into the stage deck is not permissible

      Up to 3,840 sq. ft. of Stageright 4' x 8' adjustable portable staging is available to be placed according to Lessee's production requirements. A modest complement of soft goods, including Grand Drapes, Teasers, Tormentors, Valances, and a Cyclorama & Scrim is available for theatrical presentations.  9’x12’ and 20' x 20' projection screen are also available at additional cost.  A 30' x 30' portable SICO dance floor is also available.


      The Casper Events Center has eight (8) dressing rooms available with one (1) additional luxurious star's dressing room, equipped with private shower, and cable television for entertainer's convenience.


      Thirteen (13) (7 paved/6 graveled) lighted parking lots can accommodate 3,600 vehicles. All lots are adjacent to the Casper Events Center. A lighted helipad is also available.

  • Full service catering kitchen, banquets from 50 to 1,700 persons
  • Convention booth equipment provided in‑house (tables, chairs, carpeting, exhibit draperies.)
  • Eight (8) Xenon Super Troopers
  • Four (4) permanent concession stands, with portables available
  • Show office for building lessees
  • 1,900 portable Krueger chairs, along with 200 – 5’ round tables, 160 - 30" x 96", 100 - 30” x 72” and 120 – 18” x 72” exhibit tables
  • Robbins basketball floor can accommodate pro, college, and high school basketball
  • Four (4) Sport Court Volleyball courts for exhibition games, college and high school
  • Two (2) CAT 4,600 pound capacity propane forklifts.
  • In‑house advertising placement service using Casper Events Center's low contract rates
  • Completely climate controlled building
  • Service yard equipped with three (3), 50 amp, 120/240 volt electric services for mobile homes, trailers, etc.
  • A limited number of assignable phone lines.
  • In-house closed circuit television wiring with monitors positioned at the permanent concession stands.
  • Wireless internet access is available.
The following examples of configurations are approximate. Exact number of seats available will be determined by set-up requirements:

Full House - Meeting or Concert - Up to 9,749 seats diagram

Half House - Meeting, Concert - Up to 4,355 seats diagram

Theater Style - Meeting, Concert, Theater- Up to 2,444 seats diagram

Sporting Events - Basketball, Volleyball, Football - Up to 8,395 seats

Trade Shows - Arena and Concourse levels can accommodate - Up to 214 10'x10' Exhibit Booths diagram

Conventions - General Session and Meals - Up to 2,000 Seats

Second floor meeting rooms diagram