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Upcoming Events at the Fort Caspar Museum

Fort Caspar offers a variety of programs and exhibits for children, families and adults. Programs are offered throughout the year. We feature a new temporary exhibit every winter, and we host five or six traveling exhibits per year.

Fort Caspar Calendar

This temporary exhibit from the Museum's permanent collection features four types of firearms and represents a variety of functions, uses and time periods: ‘Guns of the Old West,’ ‘Sporting Guns,’ ‘Personal Protection,’ and ‘Military Arms.’ In addition to historic photographs, advertisements from Sears & Roebuck catalogs and Field & Stream magazines illustrate the role of firearms in popular culture.

Highlights of the exhibit include Colts and Winchesters in ‘Guns of the Old West,’ shotguns and small caliber rifles in ‘Sporting Guns,’ and nineteenth-century pocket pistols and inexpensive imports in ‘Personal Protection.’ The ‘Military Arms’ section features carbines and rifles from the Civil War and Indian Wars period, machine guns from World Wars I and II, and rifles from Italy, Japan, and Germany.