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CD Plans and Studies

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Planning  Comprehensive Land Use Plan    
OYD Form-based Code (OYDSPC Zoning)    
Redevelopment Master Plan (2007)    
Casper Urban Renewal Plan (2002)  
MPO Long Range Transportation Plan(LRTP) The city's long range transportation plan.
Transportation Improvement Plan(TIP) Road and transit projects/program of projects
Unified Planning Work Program(UPWP) Federal Highway Administration(FHWA) planning projects for FY2012

Casper Area "Boomer" Study

A study of how the aging of the baby boomer generation might impact public and private services within the City.

Casper Walkability Study A study of issues related to making Casper more pedestrian-friendly.
Highway 20/26 Enhancement Study

A comprehensive enhancement plan for improving the appearance, character and usability of the Highway 20/26 corridor.

Long Range Transportation Plan:  2030 Growth Scenarios and Model Results The City's long range transportation plan.  
Safe Routes To School

A study of how to make it safer and easier for children to walk to their neighborhood schools.

Southeast Casper Transportation Plan

A study evaluating alternative street networks for the area and recommending the optimal network to accommodate the expected traffic volumes while providing opportunities for development.

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Code Enforcement      
Special Projects      

CD Content

  The Community Development Department consists of 7 divisions and 21 employees.  For more information on an individual division, click on the link in the grey box below:
Planning Building/Inspection Code Enforcement Housing & Community Development (H&CD)
Urban Renewal (Old Yellowstone District) Special Projects Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)