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The City of Casper is an entitlement community which means it receives Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) each year. These funds vary each year and are determined by Congress.

CDBG funds must be used to meet one of three (3) national objectives:

  • Benefit low to moderate income persons
  • Address slum and blight
  • Meet an urgent community need

Any project funded with CDBG funds must be able to demonstrate how it meets the national objective. Low to moderate income persons are those persons whose household income does not exceed 80% of the area median income as published by HUD on an annual basis.

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Five Year Consolidated Plan
Every five years the City must submit its Five Year Consolidated Plan to HUD. The current Five Year Plan covers the period of July 1, 2005 through June 30, 2010. The plan addresses housing, homelessness, and community development visions for the next five years.

Annual Action Plan
On May 15 of each year, the City submits its annual action plan to HUD. The annual Action Plan is the City's application for CDBG funds for the upcoming fiscal year. Each project funded with CDBG funds must meet at least one of the visions established in the Five Year Consolidated Plan.  Click on this link to view the 2013/14 Annual Action Plan:  AAP FY13.14.pdf

Consolidated Annual Plan Evaluation Report (CAPER)
No later than September 30 of each year, the City must submit a Consolidated Annual Plan Evaluation Report (CAPER) to HUD. The CAPER is the City's report to HUD that outlines how the City used its CDBG funds in the previous fiscal year.  Click on this link to view the 2012/2013 CAPER Report:  CAPER Report 2012-2013.doc

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  The Community Development Department consists of 7 divisions and 21 employees.  For more information on an individual division, click on the link in the grey box below:
Planning Building/Inspection Code Enforcement Housing & Community Development (H&CD)
Urban Renewal (Old Yellowstone District) Special Projects Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)