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Income Limits2

A household's income determines eligibility for the Homeowner Rehabilitation Assistance Program.  The income limits are those limits as established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  HUD periodically reviews income limits and makes adjustments.

Each year HUD does an extensive analysis of incomes of states and cities.  Once the data is gathered, HUD calculates "Area Median Income" - that simply put, is the exact middle of the income of all persons residing in a city, a county, or a state.  Then, HUD further calculates percentages of median income to determine income limits for certain programs.  As an example, persons who apply for housing assistance through a local housing authority can not earn about 50% of area median income.  Anyone receiving assistance through the City of Casper, Housing and Community Development Division can not earn more than 80% of area median income.

The table below is the most recent income limits.  To determine eligibility for the Casper Housing Authority program, select the family size and match it up to the 50% column, and that will determine the maximum amount a household can earn and still qualify for assistance.  To determine eligibility for City of Casper programs, match up family size with the 80% column, and that is the maximum amount a household can earn and still qualify for assistance.  The most recent income limits are:

2014 Adjusted Home Income Limits
U.S. Department of HUD 01/22/2014

Family Size 30% 50% 60% 80%
 29,700  39,600
 33,960  45,250
 38,220  50,900
 42,420  56,550
 45,840  61,100
 49,260  65,600
 52,620  70,150
 56,040  74,650
Income Limits as of 12/11/12

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