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The City had a long-standing partnership with the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, World Changers.  However, World Changers has shifted its focus to serve larger communities and is doing two-week programs - Casper no longer fits the needs of World Changers' program objectives.  Summer of 2013 Casper welcomed Mission Serve to our community!  The program was essentially the same as World Changers in that Mission Serve provided the volunteer labor, people from Southern Baptist churches throughout the Casper area, and the City provided the materials to rehabilitate low income homes.  Mission Serve was in Casper from July 29-August 2, 2013.  All labor was done on a volunteer basis.

Mission Serve replaced roofs, windows, exterior doors, storm windows, and storm doors.  In addition, they painted the exterior of the houses, repaired fences, cleaned-up yards, and built ramps for persons who need accessibility to their home due to physical impairment.

The City used Community Development Block Grant funds to pay for materials.  The program, which is done as a grant for the homeowner, was a one-time opportunity.  We have not been contacted as a future Mission Serve site.

Usually the City received about 40 applications for the program.  About 5-10 housing units were rehabilitated in the one week period.  Interested homeowners must call the Housing and Community Development Division to find out if program funding is available this year and if so, to set up an appointment to complete the application.

Volunteers installing new roof and windows

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