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Site Plans

A site plan is required for all PUD's (Planned Unit Developments), all new public, commercial, and industrial buildings, including churches, and off-street parking lots, and all exterior additions to existing public, commercial, and industrial buildings (Section 17.12.140 of the Casper Municipal Code).

Site Plans for commercial/industrial buildings up to 20,000 square feet (or 10,000 square feet when abutted by residential property) in size (footprint) are reviewed administratively and approved by the Community Development Director and the City Engineer.

The Planning and Zoning Commission reviews site plans for commercial/industrial buildings from 20,000 square feet (or 10,000 square feet when abutted by residential property) to one-acre in building size (footprint).

Once the Commission recommends approval, City Council approval is required for site plans of commercial/industrial buildings exceeding one-acre in building size (footprint).

All site plan submittals must include 20 copies of the site plan (8 if administrative approval) plus a set of reductions, a completed application with original signature of the property owner, proof of ownership, and $300 non-refundable application fee.

For site plans requiring Planning and Zoning Commission and/or City Council approval, the submittal must be received at least 30 days prior to a scheduled Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing (see meeting schedule for dates).  All property owners within a 300' radius will be notified by mail and invited to make comments on the proposed development. The subject property will be posted with a public notice, and public notice will be published in the newspaper.  If the site plan is approved, the developer will have to sign a site plan agreement agreeing to the conditions specified by the Community Development Director, Planning Commission, and the City Council.

Please contact the Planning Office for answers to any other questions relating to zoning or land use in the City of Casper.


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