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Cowboy Tough Adventure Race Main

Introducing the
July 18 - July 21, 2013

Produced by Rev3

Hosted by the City of Casper and the State of Wyoming

The Rev3 Cowboy Tough Adventure Race will be a series of racing events that will be hosted in Casper during the week of July 18th through July 21, 2013.

The main event, the Cowboy Tough Adventure Race, will be a three and a half day adventure trek that will cross every region, climate, and terrain that Wyoming has to offer.   This event will be attractive to hard core adventure athletes, and registrants from across the country are expected to participate. 

Not interested in pushing your body beyond the edge of human endurance?  There's still plenty race activities to participate in!  Four Community Race Events (see below!) are currently scheduled to take place that weekend.  These races are will be appealing to athletes of all levels, including some cooperative family events. 

Main Event:  Cowboy Tough Adventure Race
In conjunction with the State of Wyoming and the city of Casper, REV3 Adventure is excited to present the three and a half day Cowboy Tough Adventure Race. This race will challenge individual’s and teams’ physical and mental endurance to the limit. With Wyoming as the backdrop for the event, you can expect a wide variety of terrain that is beautiful, rugged, and inspiring.

Each day of the race will be broken into stages that will take between 16 and 24 hours to complete. The stage must be completed in a prescribed time to avoid being short-coursed or having points deducted. Teams will be held at the end of each stage at a transition area (TA) called a “Dark Zone” before being allowed to continue to the next stage. Mandatory points must be collected between TAs. Optional points collected will determine who will ultimately be crowned winner of the Cowboy Tough AR.

For elite adventure racers, there will be adequate optional points to keep you racing nonstop for the duration of the race. For teams out for the experience, collecting mandatory points will push you to your limits but also allow for recovery and rest during the “Dark Zone.”

Grand total distance = 320-485 miles

Day 1
10-15 miles trekking
20-30 miles single-track biking
40-50 miles road biking
60-100 miles fire road biking
Ropes section designed and sponsored by (NOLS)
Total distance = 130-185 miles 
Day 2
20-30 miles fire road biking
Cowboy Challenge
30-40 miles trekking and orienteering designed and sponsored by (NOLS)
20-30 miles flat-water paddle
Total distance = 70-90 miles
Day 3
60-80 miles fire road biking
20-30 miles road biking
20-30 miles trekking
Total distance = 100-140 miles
Day 4
20-30 miles road biking
10-20 miles trekking
15-20 miles paddling
3 miles of whitewater kickboarding
Total distance = 45-70 miles

Community Race Events

Urban Adventure Challenge

July 20, 2013
Teams of two or three people navigate through the city landscape finding various checkpoints and clues and taking part in challenges that you could only find in the concrete jungle.



Casper Glow Night 5K

July 19, 2013
REV3 has designed this race with families and friends in mind.  This race will take place at Mike Lansing Field at dusk and will run along the Platte River.  Each racer will receive a race number and a glow stick for the race.  The racers will then run a 5K race course as the sun goes down.  Each racer will be allowed to add as much reflective tape, flashing lights, and glow sticks to their body during the race for additional prizes.   After the race we will have a outdoor movie screen for families and friends to enjoy a movie under the stars, so bring a lawn chair and enjoy the evening.




 Health and Family Outdoor Expo

July 20, 2013

The REV3 Cowboy Tough Adventure Race Weekend Health and Outdoor Expo will feature a series of exhibitor and health and fitness exhibits as well as different interactive seminars. We will have seminars on eating right for the family, geocaching and navigation courses and classes, how to ride in the whitewater course, the hidden secrets of the local parks and trails and mountain biking tips. These are just a few of the free clinics we will be offering at our Expo.
 Family Adventure Race

July 20, 2013

Parents will team up with one to two family members between the ages of 6 to 16 and will follow provided maps to a variety challenges and a series of checkpoints. Someone will get wet and their will be lots of fun together. Early Registration will be $25.00 per person.



Produced by Rev3

Hosted by the City of Casper and the State of Wyoming