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Chaplain Report

Chaplain Program 


The Chaplain’s Mission
The goal of the Casper Fire-EMS Chaplain Program is to provide an effective service and ministry to the community and to all personnel.  It is our goal to establish ongoing communication with each Firefighter and assist them through traumatic events or just gaining a better understanding of their work environment, relationships, and religious faith, knowing that none of these areas are truly separate from the other.

Scope of Service
The Casper Fire-EMS Chaplin Program will be available to assist Firefighters in times of illness, injury, sorrow, tension, or other difficulties.  The Chaplain may be called upon to assist Firefighters and citizens in a variety of situations, which may include, but not be limited to:
•        The serving of death notices (with spiritual guidance)
•        In cases of accidents involving serious injury, providing comfort to the injured and their families
•        Providing guidance to persons embroiled in emotional conflict
•        Providing care, concern and support for victims of potential or attempted suicide and to their families
•        Providing direction during family disturbances
•        Providing moral and/or ethical direction to those in need
•        Providing guidance to families with problems of substance abuse
•        Assisting Firefighters in any other function of the ministerial profession as requested
Confidentiality Commitment
It is the policy of the Chaplain Program to ensure that confidentially is maintained within the context of short term counseling, support groups, consolation and crisis intervention.
What you can expect from a Chaplain
•        Acceptance
•        Availability
•        Confidentiality
•        Credibility

Chaplain Program


Ken Kinner
(Not Shown) 

Helen Schinlder

Dave Mondle

Jim Dean
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Contact Info

Contact Information:

Chaplain Chief Ken Kinner
Contact Casper Fire-EMS 307-235-8222

Chaplain Helen Schinlder

Chaplain Dave Mondle

Chaplain Jim Dean