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Burn Guidelines

City of Casper Fire-EMS Department
Recreational Outdoor Burning Guidelines

No fire permit is required for outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and other recreational fire appliances.  However the following guidelines shall be observed.

  • The maximum fuel area is 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet high.
  • Solid fuel burning appliances may only be fueled by cut or split firewood.
  • Materials such as rubbish, construction materials, paper products, yard debris, branches, leaves, garbage, etc. cannot be burned.
  • Fires that are not contained in an approved burning appliance must be at least 25 feet from a building or combustible materials.
  • Fires that are contained in an approved burning appliance should be no closer than 15 feet from a building or combustible materials.
  • The appliance must utilize a screen or spark arrestor and it must be in place while burning.
  • Any conditions which could cause a fire to spread to within 25 feet of a building shall be eliminated prior to ignition.
  • A fire extinguisher of at least a 4-A rating or a charged water hose must be in close proximity to the appliance while burning.
  • Fires shall be constantly attended by a person knowledgeable in the use of the fire extinguishing equipment provided.
  • The fire shall not be left unattended at any time until the fire is fully extinguished.
  • Fires shall not be ignited if wind conditions create a hazardous condition
  • Fires shall not be ignited on days that the National Weather Service issues a Red Flag Warning.
  • The Casper Fire-EMS Department may order the fire to be discontinued if, in our opinion, the fire constitutes a hazardous condition or produces obnoxious smoke or odors that may cause a public nuisance.