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Drill Tower

CFD Drill Tower

Firefighter training is a significant part of a firefighter’s career. The Casper Fire-EMS drill facility, located on Metro Road, used to be located just west of our former station three on 4th street (behind station one on David street before that). In the 70’s and 80’s, the drill tower located at our former station three was home to a regular fire school hosted by Firefighter Jim McCoy where firefighters came in from around the state and learned modern rescue and firefighting skills, including modern pumping, Rescue, math and hydraulics. The training tower had to be moved to make way for the Casper Recreation Center and the Iron frame was moved to Bryan Stock Trail and there it stayed. Recognizing that there was a strong need to continue instruction, Chiefs, like Dean Brennan campaigned and was able to convince the City to allow a new training facility to be built on Metro Road. Chief Brennan was able to recruit the Casper College Construction Training Department to donate time, equipment and students if the City payed for the fuel. Over time the facility came to be, not only by quality contractors, but the firefighters themselves, by donating their time, talent and efforts. The Casper Fire Department’s formal training school doesn’t currently exist, but the words “Regional” still attract area fire departments to use the drill facilities to continue the tradition of pursuing training excellence.

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