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Casper Community Meth Watch Program Participant Information

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Casper Community Meth Watch program. This program was developed with the assistance of a coalition of community members representing a broad cross section of interests in our city. We recommend the following uses for the materials you will be provided:

  • Place large poster decal near the front entrance to your business.
  • Place the cash register decals in the pharmacy, customer service, and checkout areas.
  • Place the shelf danglers on the shelving of your ephedrine/ pseudoephedrine based cold, allergy, and diet pill products. They can also be placed adjacent to other products identified as precursors to the manufacture of methamphetamine.
  • Place information tear-offs at each cash register, customer service counter, and at the pharmacy so they are readily accessible to those wishing information about the program.
  • Update current and new employees about the importance of consistency in the program. Place the employee informational poster in the employee break area.
  • Instruct your employees on the proper method of completing the Suspicious Transaction Report.

These are suggestions on how your business can assist in preventing the use of legitimate products often illegally employed to manufacture methamphetamine. For more information on this program and to review it's impact on your community we encourage you to go to or contact:

Sara Nelson
Casper Police Department
201 N. David
Casper , Wyoming 82601
Phone # 235-7598

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