Aqua Interval

Aqua Interval training is a form of cardio-respiratory training involving a combination of high intensity work and low intensity work/rest in repeated successions. High Intensity Interval Training is adaptable and can be tailored for anyone from novice to trained athletes. Offered in the summer at Casper Family Aquatic Center and Marion Kreiner Pool.

Float N’ Tone

This deep water class includes resistance training, core work, and high intensity cardio for a unique fitness experience. Flotation aids will be available, however participants should be comfortable in deep water. Float N’ Tone is for anyone wanting a great workout and those interested in strengthening their core.  Offered at Casper Family Aquatic Center and Washington Park Pool. 





formally known as Jolly Joints

This class is geared toward participants who are currently in physical therapy, those who suffer from arthritis and those with hip replacements. Class will consist of low impact aerobics exercises and a short toning portion designed to increase range of motion, relieve symptoms of arthritis and improve muscular strength. A medical release form maybe required.

Class will be held in the Leisure Pool at Casper Family Aquatic Center.


Designed for students who know how to swim, but want to work on stroke technique and improve their fitness. This course covers drills, all the strokes, turns, circle swimming, using a pace clock, swim equipment (kickboards, pull buoys & fins) and training techniques. Open to all ages and participants that can swim a continuous 150 yards of freestyle and 100 yards of backstroke.

Community Recreation Foundation Scholarships

When needed, recreation scholarships are available for everyone 21 years of age and under and everyone ages 55+. Scholarship eligibility is based on income level relative to the number of individuals in the household. Applications are available at the Recreation Division reception counter. Each application is evaluated individually; there are no assurances of receiving a scholarship.
Community Recreation Foundation (CRF) Board of Directors secures funding to support the scholarship program.  For the scholarship program to continue, public contributions are needed.  CRF is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.  Interested donors may call the Recreation Manager, (307) 235-8403, for more      

Scholarship Policies

If approved, the individual receives a 75% discounted fee for a pass or class registration (awarded scholarship amount not to exceed $100 for classes/passes.)
There is a limit of one class scholarship per individual per quarter (each 3 month period) and one facility pass per year.
Scholarships are designated for individuals only.