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Special Community Events

Planning a large community event, walk, run, or festival?  Community events (those open to the general public) may have permitting requirements, insurance requirements or additional fees.  The event, if held in a City park, may also require additional deposits  Please fill out the form below or contact licensing specialist Carla Mills-Laatch at 307-235-7568 to find out what permits your event will require.

This information is required of any event which:

  • Uses a pathway, sidewalk, or street for an organized walk or run (whether free or entrance fee charged)
  • Closes a city street, alley, shoulder, or parking lane
  • Any event open to the general public in a city park
  • Any private event serving alcohol in a city park or in an outdoor venue (parking lots, streets, parkways, etc)




Event Questionnaire

Event Name:

Organization Holding Event:

Event Location:

Event contact person:

Phone number (of contact):

Email address (of contact):

Will the event be open to the public?:

Brief description of event:

Security Measure