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Traffic Obstruction and Diversions

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If you need to close or restrict traffic to perform any work in, on or under the street you must obtain a permit from the city engineer.  This permit must be obtained at least four hours prior to closure or restriction.


The application shall include a sketch showing traffic routing, placement and type of traffic control devices to be used, and shall include a statement of the reason for the work and the time during which the work is to be performed. Within twenty-four hours of receiving the application, the city engineer shall approve a permit or deny the application. The city engineer shall deny the application only if the proposed closure will create a serious risk to the safety of the public using the street, or in the event the application does not comply with chapter 12.16.110.  (Ord. 5-93 § 1(part), 1993: Ord. 7-88 (part), 1988: Ord. 28-83 § 1(part), 1983: prior code § 34-27.1)

To print an application for Traffic Control Permit please click the image below.
Application for Traffic control permit image

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