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Youth & Adult Community Service

The Casper Police Department houses and manages the Casper Area Youth & Community Service Program.  In keeping with CPD's efforts to foster community involvement, the Community Service Program tracks and manages community service hours, provides verification of hours to the referring entities, coordinates special projects and maintains numerous partnerships with local nonprofit organizations.  The program strives to support our nonprofit organizations while simultaneously creating service opportunities for defendants to be accountable to their community.

The youth program has been in existence since 2007 and receives referrals from the following entities:  Youth Diversion (a pre-court program with the Natrona County District Attorney's Office); City of Casper Municipal Court; Natrona County Circuit Court; and the Department of Family Services, Probation Unit.

The inception of the adult program was approved by City Council in September of 2014 and was implemented in stages beginning in December of 2014.  Adult referrals to the program include: City of Casper Municipal Court; Municipal Alcohol Court; Natrona County Circuit Court; and the Department of Corrections, Probation & Parole.

All youths and adults who have been ordered/assigned community service hours are referred to the program and must complete intake prior to starting their community service.  Intake includes screening for certain offenses and thoroughly explaining the rules of community service.  The program works to support local nonprofit organizations and is available to remedy issues that may arise with community service workers.  During intake, a plan is created that best suits the client for the successful completion of their community service.  When feasible, community service clients' individual skills are matched with a nonprofit organization in order to benefit the nonprofit organization.

Currently, the program has 26 program affiliates (those nonprofit organizations who have formally partnered with the program) where youths and adults that have been assigned community service may complete their assigned hours. 

The program also has numerous ongoing weekly and annual projects.  If your nonprofit organization would like to become an affiliate of the Youth & Adult Community Service Program, please call or email Jennifer Miner, Program Coordinator.

Jennifer Miner, Program Coordinator

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