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City of Casper Regional Solid Waste Facility

The city of Casper operates a state of the art solid waste facility. The city bales residential and commercial trash from all over Natrona County and Wyoming. The facility includes the baler building, landfill, and compost yard. The facility is also home to one of Casper’s nine recycling depots and accepts electronics  and metals for recycling.

1st Annual Earth Day Sales Promotion!‚Äč

    WHEN:  April 22, 2019 through May 4, 2019; Monday through Saturday from 7:30am to 4:00pm
    WHERE:  The City of Casper Solid Waste Facility Compost Yard
    WHAT:  Compost and Wood Chip Mulch (Natural and Colored)
    The City of Casper Solid Waste Facility is pleased to announce it's 1st Annual Earth Day Sales Promotion.  Beginning April 22nd, 2019 and ending on May 4th, 2019 we will be offering Wholesale Pricing on all of our Compost, and Natural or Colored Wood Chip Mulch.  During this promotion, we will be available for FREE loading for 100% purchased Compost or Wood Chip Mulch.  Loading will be available from 7:30am to 4:00pm, Monday through Saturday, only for the duration of the sales promotion.  Individuals who wish to redeem Yard Waste Incentive Vouchers during this sales promotion, will not receive Wholesale Pricing or free loading.  Yard Waste Incentive Vouchers will be redeemed at the regular Retail Price and will not be eligible for free loading.  Hold on to them and use them before and after the promotion to take advantage of the sale.

Material Description             Wholesale Price* (per cubic yard)

4" Natural Wood Chips

Single ground tree branches or clean wood  $8.50 
2" Natural Wood Chips  Double ground tree branches or clean wood  $12.50
Natural Fine Wood Chips  Wood fines from screened double ground tree branches or clean wood  $6.00 
Composted Wood Chips  Wood chips from screened compost; composted wood chips appear darker (blackish) than natural wood chips  $30.00 
Colored Wood Chips  Double ground tree branches or clean wood that has been dyed red, black, gold, brown or other color  $30.00 
Compost  Composted Yard Waste  $18.00 
Loading  Loading fee for 100% purchased material (No Yard Waste Incentive Vouchers used)  Free 
Loading  Loading fee for free material and when redeeming Yard Waste Incentive Vouchers towards the purchase of material  $15.00 per load 


Special Announcement

The Baler Building is currently closed for the Baler Building Expansion Project.  This project is expected to be complete in July of 2019 and we are expecting the Baler Building to be open to the public by August 18, 2019.  Until then, all customers entering the Solid Waste Facility to dispose of regular solid waste, and construction & demolition debris will be instructed to take their waste to the C & D Bins or to the Landfill for disposal.

Holiday Information

Please refer to the 2019 Landfill Holiday Schedule for more information.

Secured Load Ordinance

By city ordinance 8.40.100(a), all loads entering the solid waste facility must be secured in such a manner that none of the load escapes the vehicle during transport. Examples of ways to secure loads include: rope, bungees, tie downs, tarps or cargo nets. For instance, a pickup carrying loose leaves in the bed would require a tarp and rope to be considered secure. Violation of the secured load ordinance will result in $15.00 per load fee for residents and a $50.00 per load fee for commercial customers. Residents will be offered a tarp and bungees or a cargo net upon paying the fee.

Utility Bills

Residents of Casper who utilize city trash services are provided one free balefill pass on each utility bill. One utility bill is good for one entry and is good for one year from the billing date. The free balefill pass on each utility bill is valid for one car, standard size pickup bed (4’ by 8’) or 10 foot trailer load of trash.
Utility bill balefill passes are also provided by the town of Bar Nunn, Evansville and a punch pass is provided by the town of Mills. Citizens of Glenrock may present a valid Wyoming driver's license showing a physical Glenrock address as a pass.  All  passes are subject to the same rules.
The following items are not eligible for utility bill use: trailers over 10 feet in length, non-standard pick up beds, commercial loads, non-friable asbestos, Freon containing appliances and tires. See the rates section for more details.