Plastics Recycling 
Electronics Recycling
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Printable Flyer for Recyclables

Recyclable material accepted:
aluminum cans   cardboard
 glass bottles  
 aluminum cans
cardboard  glass bottles and jars   
 newspaper  magazines  white paper  

 magazines and catalogs
 white paper   
 plastics one plastics two     
 plastics number one
 plastics two
 Tin & Steel Cans  

For more information regarding commercial cardboard and white office pack paper recycling services click here. Commercial entities can also take recyclable material to Wyoming Recycling.

Phone Books

Phone books are not recycled in the city of Casper.  There is a bin at some recycling depots, however; the books are thrown away.  The video below explains the phone book problem and how to put an end to phone book waste by opting out of delivery.

To opt out visit: