Downtown Casper 

City of Casper, Wyoming

2019 Legislative Priorities

Stable Funding

»     Maintain direct distribution. 

 »      Support  the governor’s budget proposal that includes consensus ($20 million) and additional direct distribution ($5 million).

 »      Create local revenue options.

 »      Support Wyoming Lottery finding ways to maximize funds to local government .

 »     Find suitable replacements for direct distribution, if going away.


Tax Collections

 »      Improve Department of Revenue software.

 »     Require the vendor and/or Department of Revenue to bear part of the responsibility for part of the remedy for those mistakes that negatively impact a city, town or county.

 »      Review standards for information protection.

 »      Allow cities to have the right access to the right information on tax collection.


Infrastructure Funding

 »     Support the surface water drainage legislation that came out of the Corporations Committee.

¨ This will allow local governments to use their ordinance process to create a stormwater utility as an option.

 ¨ Casper has over $35 million of needed stormwater infrastructure improvements and $50 million of deferred stormwater infrastructure maintenance awaiting funding.

 »     Work with the JAC to facilitate a $45 million budget to the landfill remediation program .

 »      Work with the Minerals Committee on a wording change to Wyoming Statutes § 35-11-534 and 35-11-535(c)

 ¨ Casper  could collect its $2.8 million of credits due from WDEQ for projects that protect water from landfill contamination.


School Safety

 » Provide funding for school resource officers.

 ¨ The current school safety draft legislation, while needed, leaves out important funding for school resource officers.



 » Support Casper as the location for the new VA skilled nursing facility.

 » Support community development districts legislation that came out of the Corporations Committee. 

 » Advocate for legislation to clarify the lien and assessment process for nuisance and dangerous buildings.

» Support a revision to Wyoming Statutes that allow cities and towns to participate in the State health insurance program.