Time to Move RVs and Trailers off the Street

Posted on 11/13/2018
Winter is fast approaching and the City of Casper wants to remind citizens that it is illegal to store a recreational vehicle, boat, camper, or other trailers on the street for more than 5 days in any 30-day period.  Due to drifting and blowing snow, poor visibility, icy road conditions, windrows, and other winter hazards, it is particularly important for owners to move RVs and trailers from City streets during the winter months.  RVs and trailers that remain on the street for more than 5 days may receive a notice of violation.  The City appreciates your help keeping city streets as safe as possible during the winter months.

RVs may be stored on private property, but beware of any sight distance issues created by doing so.  For more information, contact the Code Enforcement Department at 235-8254.