City Surplus Auction

Posted on 06/20/2019
The City of Casper has started to utilize to auction surplus property. provides the City of Casper an online marketplace to sell surplus assets. Products available on include surplus vehicles, heavy equipment, furnishings, computers, office equipment, and all other surplus government-owned assets.

Potential buyers can easily view all of the items that the City of Casper has deemed as surplus property for auction on the site.  There is a location search tab on the top left of the home page that allows people to enter in a Casper-area zip code narrowing down the search to only the City of Casper’s surplus items. Additionally, people can access via a link on the City of Casper’s homepage Potential buyers can view all items before registering. However, before a bid can be submitted, a short registration form must be completed on

According to Fleet Manager Dan Coryell, ”this new process of selling surplus property online replaces the previous auction held annually at the Central Service Center.  Utilizing is a more efficient process for the City, and we will continue to send property to the auction site as it becomes available.”