Public Comments Unsafe Structures Ordinance

Posted on 03/12/2020
City of Casper staff is presenting maintenance amendments to the City of Casper Municipal Code concerning the most critical life/safety requirements necessary for human habitation.  Currently, the City has extremely limited ability to address those unsafe living conditions, especially in cases when vulnerable residents are renting, and the landlord refuses to make repairs, and/or provide for basic living conditions like heat, water, sewer, or electric.  In many cases, these residents have few options available for housing, and are forced to live in these subpar conditions.  The City and its partner agencies (City/County Health Department, Department of Family Services, Meals on Wheels, and Probation/Parole) receive phone calls every week from citizens that are being subjected to horrific living conditions.  Unfortunately, most times, the City cannot offer assistance because of a lack of legal authority to intervene. The images below feature some of the issues the new ordinance could address. 

The purpose of this new ordinance is to provide a legal document that can be enforced by those with authority concerning, substandard living conditions in residential dwelling units, multi-family apartments, and commercial business buildings. The proposed Ordinance of unsafe conditions and equipment will be triggered by complaint, without the need for a permit for inspection. 

Proposed Ordinance

The City Council is asking for feedback regarding the proposed ordinance.  Public comments will be accepted from Thursday March, 12 through  Friday, April 3, 2020. Please use the form below to submit any comments.
Public Comment Unsafe Structures and Equipment Ordinance

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