Liquor Permits

Liquor Permits 

Catering Permits

Catering permits are only issued to retail liquor license holders, and allow for the sale and distribution of all types of liquor (hard liquor, wine, beer, etc.). The cost for a catering permit is $50 per day. 

Malt Beverage Permits 

Malt beverage permits are issued for events where malt beverages are sold and/or events that are open to the general public. The permit allows for the sale or distribution of malt beverages only, which includes beer, hard lemonade, and wine coolers. Anyone can apply for a malt beverage permit, and the cost for the permit is $50 per day.

Open Container Permits

Open container permits are issued to allow for the distribution of alcoholic beverages in parking lots or on City property, including City streets, sidewalks, and parks. Anyone can apply for an open container permit, and there is no cost associated with issuance of an open container permit.