Natrona Regional Geospatial Coop

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology has become deeply embedded within the operational workflows of the City of Casper and the founding members of the Natrona Regional Geospatial Cooperative that include: Natrona County and the Towns of Mills, Evansville and Bar Nunn. Interactive maps provided for everything from Cemetery Internment searches and Crime Mapping to Reservable Park Facilities and Garbage Collection routes. Additionally, real-time data accuracy supports emergency response across 5 geographic and jurisdictional ranges. Regionally, GIS is embedded to effectively deliver services that protect and improve our community.  The list below are just a few of the Natrona Regional Geospatial Cooperative maps published to serve the citizens of Natrona County:
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Park Reservations Park Reservations:

Reserve available picnic tables and shelters for your family outings.

Crime Mapping Crime Mapping:

Time enabled data allowing users to see when & where incidents have occurred since June 2015.

Regional Control Network
NRGC Regional Control Project

Defining Place: Understanding the development of the NRGC control network.

Travel Conditions Travel & Transportation:

Review routes for construction, closures, weather conditions & snow routes.

Public Safety Public Safety & Support:

Find Fire Stations, warning sirens & registered sex offenders.

Highland Cemetery Highland Cemetery:

Search full or partial names for deceased internment information.

Draft Natrona Plan Natrona Development Plan:

Visual guide to future development in Natrona County.

Garbage Collection Garbage Collection & Recycling Depots:

Find your solid waste pickup schedule and recycling depots.

Land Survey Land Survey:

Search for land parcels based on Township, Range & Cross Indexing.

FEMA Final Determination FEMA Final Determination 2015:

Find flood zone information for your neighborhood.

MPO Projects Casper Area MPO:

Review MPO programs & projects, growth boundaries & demographics.

Extract Data Extract Data:

Clip GIS features and download into either file geodatabase (gdb) or shapefile (shp) format.

Property Information Natrona County Property Information:

Search Natrona County regional property, ownership, addressing, and zoning data.

Natrona Regional Utilities Regional Utility Services:

Locate hydrant, water meter, curb stop,  water line, sewer line,  or storm line information.

Parks, Trails, & Recreation Parks, Trails, & Recreation:
Locate regional parks, trails, municipal golf course, or general recreation information.

Extract Data Clearinghouse:

Interact with all data in one map view!