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Every Casper garbage customer receives two extra collections a month from March through January.  The 1st extra collection days in April and October are solely for branches.

Both November extra collection days are solely for leaves. There is no extra trash collection in February.

Printable Extra Collection flyer

Extra Collection Schedule

January, March, May, June, July, August, September, December
1st Extra Collection- Extra Trash
2nd Extra Collection- Extra Trash

No extra Collection

April and October
1st Extra Collection-Branch Collection Only
2nd Extra Collection- Extra Trash

1st Extra Collection-Leaf Collection Only
2nd Extra Collection- Leaf Collection Only

What Are My Extra Collection Days?

Extra collection is either the first and third or second and fourth trash day of the month.  Extra collection is based on your neighborhood.  You can find your extra collection day using our Garbage Collection and Recycle Depots map or by clicking on your regular trash day below for a description of the geographic areas of extra collection days. 

For the map Read and follow the instructions on "How to find your Solid Waste pickup schedule."  Click "OK" to close the instructions. You then type your house number and street name in the "find address or place" field and click on the magnifying glass.  Your address will then be displayed below the search field.  Click on your address and the map will zoom in on your address.  Click on the map anywhere around your location and it will display your regular pickup day and your "special" pickup days which are your Extra Collection days.  Please note maps are composed of complex data and multiple layers of information.  These maps are best experienced in Full Site mode.  Mobile users please select Full Site from your menu icon. 

For questions call (307) 235-8246.

Items Collected on Extra Collection Days

Extra Trash Collection Days

*Restricted to a total combination of five (5)items
  • Trash bags tied securely and each bag not to exceed 50pounds
  • TV’s and furniture weighing less than 50pounds
  • Four(4)or less car or pick-up truck tires without the rims
  • Grass clippings and yard waste must be bagged and the bags tied securely closed not to exceed 50 pounds each. *Restrictions apply.  All grass clippings set out by citizens for extra collection are dumped in the landfill because they are mixed with bagged trash.  Grass clippings can be brought to our compost yard and you can receive a voucher in exchange for free compost or wood chip mulch.
  • CUT IT HIGH AND LET IT LIE- Although grass clippings are collected on extra trash days, mulch mowing is strongly encouraged.  Throwing away grass clippings is very wasteful and they take up valuable landfill space.  The more landfill space wasted by grass clippings, the more landfill space will be needed.  This will not help us to keep your costs for disposal at a minimum.  

Branch Collection Days

  • Bundled branches cut into 5 feet or less in length and bundled, with each bundle not to exceed 50 pounds
  • Twigs and small branches can be placed in small trash cans not to exceed 45 gallons or in 5 gallon buckets - Do not put them in bags!               


November Leaf Collection

  • All extra collection days in the month of November are reserved for bagged leaves only.
  • Only bagged leaves can be placed out on leaf collection days and the bags must be securely tied closed (no limit to number). Bags need to be 50 pounds or less.  Leaves need to be free of trash.
  • Bagged leaves need to be on the street curb, NOT on the sidewalk, and at least 6 feet away from vehicles  or other objects. 
  • All bagged leaves are taken to the compost yard in the month of November.

Items not collected on Extra Collection Days or in Trash Containers

  • Un-bagged grass clippings, leaves, weeds, other yard waste and un-bundled branches
  • Dirt, sod, brick, concrete, rock, shingles, plaster, other construction/demolition materials
  • Wood, plastic & metal fencing/posts
  • Vehicle parts, large metal items
  • Paint, pesticides, household cleaners, poisons
  • Computers
  • Needles, urine, heavily blood-stained material
  • Used oil, gas/fuel, antifreeze, vehicle batteries
  • Propane tanks or pressurized cylinders
  • Bicycles, lawn mowers, BBQ grills, satellite dishes
  • Furniture and carpet weighing more than 50lbs
  • Major appliances
  • Explosives, ammunition, fireworks
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