Residential Collection Rate

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The City of Casper collects trash from residents weekly. The fee for residential trash collection is currently $19.00 per month for one trash receptacle and is charged on the monthly City of Casper Utility Bill. 

Do you have a large family and/or too much trash every week for only one trash can?  We can provide you with another one to use at a discount rate of $8.64 per month.  Call us at 307-235-8246 for the options available to you and for our current low cost alternative for additional trash receptacles.
Additional Residential Services
  1. The following services are provided by the city for additional fees:
  2. Special Permits- $5.00 extra monthly- Residents with special physical restrictions who are unable to roll the 90 gallon container to the curbside may apply for a special permit with a doctor's letter.
  3. Special Collection - $60.00 for first 5 minutes, $12.00 per additional minute- Residents who are unable to haul materials such as appliances, furniture, or additional trash to the balefill, may arrange for a special collection by calling our office at (307) 235-8246. Arrangements must be made 24 hours in advance. Items such as refrigerators and air conditioners will be charged an additional disposal fee. Call (307) 235-8246 for the current rate.
  4. Additional Requested Service- $14.00 per 90-100 gallons, and $42.00 per 300 gallons – Residents who require service in addition to their normal trash day may call our office at (307) 235-8246 to arrange for an additional dump request.
  5. Residential “On-Call” Bin (see table) - Residents who are conducting an extensive home cleanup or construction project may request a special dumpster. The container must be emptied every 2 weeks to avoid a $6.00 per day rental fee.  It is the responsibility of the Customer who requested the "On-Call" Bin to "Call" the City of Casper Solid Waste Division to have the Bin emptied and/or emptied and removed.  All On-Call Bins may be removed at our discretion after 2 weeks of non-use.

Bin Size

Delivery & Removal

Each Additional Service

Construction Waste (Heavy or Dense)

4 cu. yd.




6 cu. yd.




Roll Off Container Services

Roll off container services are provided within the Casper city limits and a 2 mile radius outside city limits. The Collection Fee is higher in the 2 mile radius area.  Roll Off Containers are used for roofing materials, large construction and demolition projects and large clean-up projects.  Container charges are as follows:
  1. $90 delivery fee (one time)
  2. $231 collection fee (per haul*)
  3. current balefill rate x tonnage disposal fee (per haul*)
  4. $3 per day rental fee (from the date of delivery to the date of removal)

* Per haul means every time the Roll Off Truck picks up the container, hauls it to the landfill and empties it.
A pre-service payment of $321.00 is required prior to delivery of the container.  The amount covers the delivery fee ($90.00), and the first collection fee ($231.00).  Rental fees will be charged upon the first haul along with the tipping/tonnage fee.  Call the solid waste office at (307) 235-8246 for current availability or to schedule container delivery.  Tipping fee may be waived for roll offs containing cardboard only or compostable materials only.  Call the solid waste office for more information.

Residential Penalty Fees

  1. Habitual Late Set Out- $17.70 per incident   
  2. Extremely Dense or Heavy Waste -$23.65 per 90 - 100 gallons, $70.88 per 300 Gallon, $95.50 per 400 gallon container
  3. Violation of bagging ordinance- $15, $30 or $100 per incident
  4. Violation of solid waste rules- $15, $30 or $100 per incident