Long Range Transportation Plan (2014)


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The MPO, in cooperation with the State, is responsible for developing and updating an MPO Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP).  Updates are required every five years.  The MPO shall follow the latest federal planning requirements for the LRTP, as prescribed in 23 CFR 450 and 23 US Code §134.  The LRTP will include both long-range and short-range strategies/actions that lead to the development of an integrated multimodal transportation system to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of people and goods in addressing current and future transportation demands. 


The LRTP must include:

  1. Transportation demand within the plan horizon

  2. Existing and proposed transportation facilities that should function as an integrated metropolitan transportation system

  3. Strategies to increase the safety and security of the transportation system for motorized and non-motorized users

  4. Enhancements to the integration and connectivity of the transportation system

  5. Operational and management strategies to improve the performance of existing facilities

  6. Assessment of capital investment and other strategies to preserve the existing and projected future metropolitan transportation infrastructure

  7. Recommendations for freight transportation

  8. Improvement design concepts and scope descriptions sufficient to develop cost estimates

  9. Discussion of types of potential environmental mitigation activities

  10. Pedestrian walkway and bicycle facilities

  11. Enhancement activities as appropriate

  12. A financial plan that demonstrates how the adopted LRTP can be implemented