The Casper Ice Arena is home ice for hundreds of hockey players that live in and around the Central Region of Wyoming.  The Casper Ice Arena will be open and offering several Stick ‘n Puck sessions, Drop-in hockey, and Adult Hockey Leagues.

HOCKEY Practice Sessions

  • Drop-In Hockey $8.50 
  • Stick n' Puck $6.50 (10 Punch Passes for $55.00)

          Hockey Equipment List

B.A.D HOCKEY  (Beginner Adult Hockey)


Spring BAD Hockey is postponed. Call Chad Green at (307) 235-7557 or email at

BAD Hockey is for players who are older than 35 and/or have novice hockey experience. This player may have less than a year of playing experience mainly as an adult. He/she is showing improvement and comfort with the basic skills of the game. Forward skating has improved, but transitions are still uncomfortable i.e. crossovers with some ability to skate backward.