The Casper Ice Arena is home ice for hundreds of hockey players that live in and around the Central Region of Wyoming.  The Casper Ice Arena will be open and offering several Stick ‘n Puck sessions, Drop-in hockey, and Adult Hockey Leagues.

HOCKEY Practice Sessions

  • Drop-In Hockey $8.50 
  • Stick n' Puck $7.00 (10 Punch Passes for $60.00)
  • Monthly Stick n' Puck Unlimited $40.00 (30 Days for $40.00)

          Hockey Equipment List

CITY Hockey League

Casper City League
November 6 - December 18
Sundays at 8:00pm / 9:15pm


Casper Adult Hockey League is for experienced players who also have an understanding of team play and positioning ("C" League). Forward and backward skating skills are strong with good maneuverability and transition.He/she might be an experienced adult recreational player and/or may have played up to high school in the past.

6 Game Season plus Gruner Bros. Tournament

Club Hockey


Club Hockey
November 3 - December 15, 2022
Thursdays 9:30 PM


Club Hockey is the best 20 players in Casper going head-to-head every Thursday night. Teams are picked by jersey color with referees and a scorekeeper for three 20-minute run-time periods. Again, this is for very experienced players with a full understanding of the game ("A" League).  Skills have been refined and the player has likely played organized hockey at least through high school if not some form of club and/or junior hockey.  *Ice Arena Management regulates player skill level for Club Hockey