2020 Fall Activities Guide   

  2020 Fall Activities Guide

penguin swimmingThe City of Casper is proud to offer American Red Cross swim lessons as well as Mermaid swimming lessons, adaptive and private lessons. 

Registration Information

The American Red Cross has one of the most respected Learn-to-Swim programs in the nation. Mastering swimming skills takes time, practice, and patience. It is not unusual for students to repeat a level several times in order to master the skills required for completion of a comprehensive skills test that must be passed for advancement to the next level. If your child misses the testing day, they will be unable to progress to the next level.

An 3, 6 or 12 month Aquatic Pass entitles you to a discount on class registration fees. The first price listed is the discounted price for Aquatic Members; the second price listed is the fee without an Aquatic Pass. Registration may be completed in person at 1801 East 4th St, by phone with a credit card at (307) 235-8383, by mail, or online at www.activecasper.com. 



Do mermaids exist? You bet they do, and they are here in Casper! Has your little swimmer dreamed of life under the sea? Enroll in our NEW fin-tastic mermaid classes. Participants will learn the necessary skills to become successful mermaids while increasing their swimming abilities and water safety knowledge. It is the goal of our mermaids to motivate your children to learn and have fun with different swimming skills and provide a unique swimming experience. Participants must provide their own monofin for Mer-lings and tail for “The Mermaids”. The instructor has various website recommendations to order tails and monofins. For private or adult mermaid lessons contact Edwin Luers at 235-8394 to schedule a time. 

Course Description:

Mer-Guppies - This beginning mermaid class will teach basic knowledge and skills in order to become successful mermaids. Mermaid kick, mermaid breaststroke, mermaid dives and water safety knowledge. Participants must have successfully completed Learn-to-Swim level 2 (or equivalent) and be at least 6 years old to register.

Mer-lings– In this level mermaids will build on their beginning swimming skills and will be introduced to the first piece of the mermaid tail, the monofin. Participants will learn mermaid tricks, mermaid etiquette and practice other swimming skills. Class will include an underwater video of the skills and tricks learned to show family and friends; courtesy of Dream Upon A Princess LLC. Participants must have successfully completed the Mer-Guppies or Learn - to-Swim level 3 (or equivalent) to register.

The Mermaids– This is the final level to become a mermaid. In this class participants will learn strengthening exercises, mermaid safety, master the mermaid tricks, be introduced to synchronized swimming and learn the essence of being a mermaid. This class will include an underwater video of learned mermaid tricks to show family and friends; courtesy of Dream Upon A Princess LLC. Participants must have successfully completed the Mer-lings class or successfully completed Learn - to - Swim level 5 (or equivalent) to register. Instructor will test participants to ensure they are ready for this level. 


 (All Ages) 

This is a one-on-one 30 minute class where teaching techniques and skills are adapted to accommodate individuals with disabilities or others who have special needs for swimming instruction. Classes are available on a limited schedule. A medical history form and written permission from doctor is required. Parent’s consultation with instructor will be required for all minors. Please register by calling Edwin Luers at (307) 235-8394.

Community Recreation Foundation Scholarships

When needed, recreation scholarships are available for everyone 21 years of age and under and everyone ages 55+.  Scholarship eligibility  is  based on income level  relative to the number of individuals in the household. Applications are available at any Recreation Division reception counter. Each application is evaluated individually; there are no assurances of receiving a scholarship.  
The Community Recreation Foundation (CRF) Board of Directors secures funding to support the scholarship program.  For the scholarship program to continue, public contributions are needed.  CRF is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.  Interested donors may call the Recreation Manager, (307) 235-8403, for more information. 

Scholarship Policies

If approved, the individual receives a 75% discounted fee for a pass or class registration (awarded scholarship amount not to exceed $100 for classes/passes.)
There is a limit of one class scholarship per individual per quarter (each 3 month period) and one annual facility pass per year. 
Scholarships available for youth, young adults (18-21) and seniors (55+).