Welcome to the City of Casper, Wyoming


Event Planning Check List

Use this checklist to help you plan your event so that you do not miss any important steps! 

       Question No Yes If yes, you need to:  Complete
     1. Is your event open to the public or will there be more that 50 people in attendance?     Contact the licensing specialist  
     2. Will your event have amplified music?     Contact the licensing specialist  
    3.  Will you be driving vehicles onto the park (vendors, food trucks, staging and delivery)?  If no, all items must be hand carried into the park and absolutely no vehicles may be driven onto the park.      Contact the Parks Division Manager at 307-235-8283.  Failure to contact the Parks Division or follow the guidelines set by the manager could result in additional fees.   
     4. Will you have tents, bounce houses, or games that will require staking (even shallow stakes)?     Contact the Parks Division Manager at 307-235-8283 at least 10 days prior to event.  Failure to contact the Parks Division or follow the guidelines set by the manager may result in additional fees.  Staking of any kind is not allowed in Conwell Park.
     6. Will you need toilet facilities?     Contact a rental company and estimate your needs.  Port-a-john needs are based on number of people and length of event.  Some parks only have 1 port-a-john which is inadequate for large events.  
     5. Will you be requesting a street closure?     Contact the licensing specialist  
     6. Are you using an athletic complex parking lot (Crossroads and North Casper Athletic Complex)?     Check schedules with Casper Soccer Club, Casper Youth Baseball and Legion Ball to ensure you will have parking available.  
     7. Do you need additional trash cans?      Contact the Solid Waste Division at 307-235-8246 at least 10 business days prior to event.  
    8.  Do you have event insurance?     Private functions involving more than 50 people, and/or functions which are open to the public, require a certificate of insurance for established organizations and businesses that carry liability insurance.  Contact the licensing specialist.  
     9. Will your event have food vendors?     Vendors must be licensed appropriately through the City of Casper and the Natrona County Health Department.  
    10. Will there be alcohol at your event?     Alcohol is not allowed in City Parks.  To have an event with alcohol, an organization must obtain A City of Casper Open Container Permit .  To sell malt beverages, a vendor must have a liquor license or a 24 hour malt beverage permitNo alcohol or malt beverages are allowed in the North Casper Clubhouse at any time.  Failure to get a permit may result in citation from the police department.