Employees Group Insurance (State of Wyoming Plans)

Beginning January 1, 2020, the City of Casper participates in the Employees’ Group Insurance Plans sponsored by the State of Wyoming.  Please follow this link to the EGI Website for plan books, claims forms and more.  After loading the webpage, simply scroll to and click on the Active Employees page. 

(Please note, the City of Casper does not participate in the EGI Long-Term Disability Insurance Plan.  Please visit the Life Insurance Tab on this Employee Benefits page to see Long-Term Disability provided by the Lincoln Financial Group for City of Casper Employees.)

Website: Employees' Group Insurance

Links to the Health plans are below.


The City provides a Basic Life Insurance policy on your behalf through Lincoln Financial Group. Your enrollment is automatic and the premium is paid for entirely by the City.

Lincoln Life Insurance

Summary of Benefits

1.  Basic and Voluntary Life Insurance
Lincoln Life & AD&D.pdf 
2.  Long-Term Disability
Lincoln Disability.pdf
1.  Basic Life

    a.  Fire Employees:
Lincoln Basic Life and AD&D Insurance Certificate- Fulltime Employees (Class 2).pdf
2.  Voluntary Life
Lincoln Voluntary Life Insurance and AD&D Certificate- Fulltime Employees (Class 1).pdf
3.  Long-term Disability
Lincoln Long-term Disability Insurance Certificate- Fulltime Employees (Class 1).pdf

1.  Beneficiary Form
Beneficiary Form.pdf
2.  Evidence of Insurability Form
Lincoln Life Ins.- Evidence of Insurability.pdf
3.  Life Claim Form
Lincoln Life Ins.- Claim Form.pdf
4.  Long-term Disability Claim Form
Long-term Disability claim form.pdf
5.  Conversion Form
Lincoln Life Ins.- Conversion Form- Life Insurance Premium.pdf
6.  Conversion Information Sheet
Lincoln Life Ins.- Conversion Info Sheet.pdf
7.  Portability Form