Alarm Registration

Register residential and commercial alarms with City of Casper
Posted on 04/13/2023

Register residential and commercial alarms with City of Casper

New permitting processes can improve the effectiveness of security systems.


Casper, Wyo. (April 6, 2023,) – In accordance with Chapter 8.08 Private Intrusion, Robbery, Hold-Up, Duress, and Panic Alarms, the City of Casper and Casper Police Department are now registering and permitting private alarm systems at all businesses and private residences.


This ordinance will facilitate the permitting of commercial and residential alarms with a unique permit number and update property contact information for police responders. This initial registration has a $25 permitting fee and a $25 annual renewal fee each year after. Only alarms with addresses under the City of Casper’s jurisdiction that elicit police response require permitting. Citizens and businesses may apply for, purchase, and print alarm licenses and permits here.


In 2022, approximately 87 percent of all security system alarms that elicited police response were false. This places a burden on police resources, taxpayer dollars, and can potentially endanger the public. This new alarm permitting and registration ordinance will further improve citizen safety, enhance the success of properly installed and monitored security systems, and reduce unnecessary police calls for service.


In closing the goal of this ordinance is to improve communication between the Casper Police Department, The City of Casper, and the citizens we strive to serve and protect.


For more information, visit the City of Casper’s website at Licenses_and_Permits or call phone number at (307) 235-8300 with alarm questions.