Casper asks citizens to help identify African American historical sites

Posted on 07/13/2021
The City of Casper is asking citizens for information that can help in the research and identification of sites related to African American settlement/history in Casper.  “This project is part of our desire to diversity Casper’s Historic Preservation efforts,” explained City Planner Craig Collins.  

The project is funded by a federal grant administered by the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office.  The grant has allowed Casper to hire a consultant archaeologist who will research and survey any suggested sites.  According to Collins, a cultural resource survey is the basic building block for any local preservation program.  If citizens have information regarding an existing building or structure within the City of Casper that may be, or is related to historic African American settlement, they are advised to contact the City’s consultant, Becca Mashak at [email protected] or 307-684-2112.

Collins stated, “Our primary goal is to identify and document structural and/or architectural resources related to African American settlement.  This is the first step in preserving, recognizing, and facilitating future listings on the National Register of Historic Places.”