Earth Day Yard Sale

April 22 to May 6
Shop industrial-quality compost and environmentally friendly woodchips at wholesale – and we’ll do the heavy lifting. 

Whether you want to turn over a new leaf this summer or are ready to keep growing last year’s projects, the City of Casper’s annual compost and woodchip sale is where you need to be shopping.  

Breaking it down 

Your garden will dig the City’s temperature-controlled, nutrient-rich compost engineered by organic processes and tended with expertise and compassion.  

Each year, we oxygenize thousands of pounds in decomposed wood chips, grass, leaves and manure with water and manual turning. The decomposition process creates heat, and we keep our windrows at 130-160 degrees for at least three months to kill weed seeds. Finally, we’ll sift through all this material with a fine screen to remove any undecomposed elements. The result? An earthy, crumbly consistency that your garden soils will eat up – and keep Casper growing. 

Barking Glad 

Your landscaping should look and feel as bright as the days you spend on it. We color our woodchips with environmentally-friendly, water-based dye that’s safe for kids and pets. They come in red, black, golden brown and natural shades. 

Woodchips and Compost 2023 Price guide