Purchasing Products

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The regional solid waste facility turns the materials brought to the compost yard into wood chips, and compost. These items are used in City of Casper parks.  Residential Customers may receive free products by participating in the Yard Waste Incentive Program.  

Commercial Customers wanting large amounts of materials must call for wholesale pricing and availability.


Loading is available from 8:00am to 3:00pm on Friday and Saturday only.  Friday and Saturday loading is without an appointment and is first come, first serve .  

  • Loading fee for 100% purchased material (No Vouchers used)-- $10 per load
  • Loading fee for free material and when redeeming Yard Waste Incentive Vouchers--$15 per load
5 Gallon Buckets of material are also available.  

*Price for 5-gallon bucket may vary with market costs