Yard Waste Incentive Program

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Natrona County residents may receive a voucher worth a specific dollar value redeemable towards the purchase of compost or natural (non-colored) wood chips in exchange for grass clippings, leaves, twigs, and branches that they recycle at the regional solid waste facility. Here is how the program works: 

1.  Collect grass clippings, leaves, twigs, and branches, and tarp or tie down in your vehicle. 

2.  Bring them to the regional solid waste facility. Let the clerk at the scale house know that you would like to participate in the Yard Waste Incentive Program.   

3.  The clerk will give you a voucher to use toward the purchase of compost or natural (non-colored) wood chips.  The dollar value you receive on the voucher is general and is based on approximately how much compost or wood chips will be made by your yard waste.

- 1/2 of a Pickup Truck Bed or a few bags or branches-- $2 voucher

- Level Pickup Truck Bed-- $5 Voucher

- Heaping Pickup Truck Bed or Trailer-- $10 Voucher

4.  Unload yard waste; you will need to empty your bags.

5.  Keep the voucher and return to the facility to redeem it for compost or natural (non-colored) wood chips

Yard Waste Incentive Vouchers expire two (2) years from the issue date.  You may use multiple vouchers toward your purchase.  Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash.  They can only be used toward the purchase of Compost or Natural (non-colored) Wood Chips.

Participants must bring their yard waste to the regional solid waste facility and collect their compost or wood chips themselves as the vouchers are not transferable.  Participants need to be prepared to load the product themselves Monday through Thursday.   Loading is available on Fridays (by appointment only) and Saturdays (no appointment) for a fee of $15.00 per load for customers using Yard Waste Incentive Vouchers.  Friday appointments must be made 24 hours in advance.   Saturdays are first come first serve.  Artificially colored wood chips are not eligible for the Yard Waste Incentive Program and are for purchase only.  Call (307) 235-8246 for more details. 

Commercial customers are not eligible to participate in the yard waste incentive program.