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2016 Metro animal shelter Calendars are in!!
Make sure to pick some up for your friends and family for Free!!

Metro Animal Shelter offers pre-registered microchips for only $20.  Just bring your dog or cat in during business hours, and we will mail the form for you!  Even a $5 tag will help get a lost pet home quickly.

$50 Spay/Neuter Program

Any person who adopts a dog or a cat from Metro Animal Services is eligible to receive $50 to be applied toward the animal’s spay or neuter; these funds are granted by the City of Casper and will be dispersed to customers until depleted.   Once a dog or cat is adopted, the adopter will receive this voucher.  To receive $50, the following is required:

  • Return within 30 days from the date of adoption with this form (surgery due date provided below)

  • Bring with you documentation from any licensed veterinarian that they have spayed/neutered the adopted animal*

  • The funds are specifically designated to defray the costs of spay/neuter surgery only.  If the animal has already been spayed/neutered, there won’t be any compensation for any other treatments (such as sedation or exam fees veterinarians may charge)

*Any animal that is too young to be spayed/neutered within 30 days of adoption shall have their surgery date extended at the discretion of MAS Staff.


Our cat, Trouble says…


Keep your pets cool this summer!

Most cats are purrfectly happy being housecats, so they will enjoy the air conditioning during the day.  As for dogs, of course they’d prefer to be inside, but if they need to be outside, be sure they have plenty of fresh water and access to shade to escape the heat.  Pets can overheat very quickly in hot weather, so they should never be left in cars when the temperature is over 70 degrees.  Not only is it a criminal act, but they can suffer a terrible and avoidable death. 

Please enjoy the time with your pets this summer, but remember they need you to watch out for their welfare!

Thank you for visiting Metro Animal Services today,         

Metro Staff

Thank you for visiting Metro today and supporting our local homeless animals!

City Hall is now accepting pet registrations in room 105 during normal business hours.  Be sure to bring current proof of rabies vaccination.


‚Äč Metro Animal Services advocates for the neuter of animals!

All animals available for adoption are on a first come, first served, first person on property with a pre-approved application basis.