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Those Darn Weeds!

Control weeds, grass, dandelions, and noxious vegetation to prevent fires and avoid citations.

The hot and windy days of July and August bring forth fun in the sun!  However, it also brings forth tall weeds, grass, dandelions, and noxious vegetation that can become a fire hazard.  Therefore, the City of Casper would like to remind property owners/tenants (commercial and residential) that your property, which includes the abutting alleys and sidewalk/parkway areas, must be maintained and kept free of tall weeds, grass, dandelions, and other noxious vegetation that are in excess of 8 inches in height.  As per City ordinance, owners/tenants will be notified only one time in any calendar year of a weed violation which has to be removed within ten days of receipt of notification.  If the violation is not removed or other arrangements made, the City can either mow the property and assess the costs to the property owner/tenant, or file a complaint through Municipal Court for non-compliance of the City ordinance. 


So, let’s all pitch in to keep our properties free and clear of tall weeds, grass, dandelions, and noxious vegetation.  A little effort goes a long way towards ensuring that our neighborhoods are a cleaner and safer place to live, work, and play.  If you have any questions, or would like to report a “weed” violation, contact the Code Enforcement Department at 235-8254 or visit our website at

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