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Platte River Revival

Get involved.  Get outside.  Save a river. You.  Yes, you.

The Platte River Revival is an exciting, dynamic North Platte River restoration project considered to be in the top ten of river restoration projects in North America.  It is driven by a partnership of private organizations and governmental agencies (local, state, and federal).  Listed in Governor Mead's 2015 publication, Leading the Charge: Wyoming Water Strategy,  as an example of a water project that is also an economic development project,  its community support has been called unparalleled and is the result of ten years of Volunteer Day.  In-river construction began in fall 2015.  Construction at the first three  sites is complete, with the exception of some of the seeding and planting, which will be completed by July 2017.

Check out this opportunity to help replant the willows this in Morad Park!
              Click here to volunteer Thursday, April 27th.

Platte River Revival Volunteer Day, held every September, is a National Public Lands Day event--the largest in the country!


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