CFD would like to remind everyone in Natrona County, to include the City of Casper, that Fireworks are Illegal to set off or even have in your possession.

WarningFloodSummer Flood Watch and WarningsWarningFlood

Warmer weather and spring storms can cause flooding of nearby waterways; significant rainfall during a storm can cause flash floods. Please be aware of the dangers associated with flooding.

  • Make a family emergency communication plan and include pets.
  • Have emergency supplies in place at home, at work, and in the car.
  • Check on your neighbors to make sure they’re okay.
  • Know what to do before, during, and after a flood.
  • Flood insurance takes 30 days to take effect, so purchase now to protect your family!
  • Listen to local officials by radio, TV or social media.
  • Evacuate when advised by authorities or if you are in a flood or flash flood prone area.
  • If you are on high ground above flooded areas, being prepared to stay where you are may be the best protection.
  • Never drive or walk through flooded streets; Turn Around, Don’t Drown! Do not go through flood waters.

For current local flood, notification visit the National Weather Service at


Summer is Here!

With the warmer weather upon us, it is a good time to remind everyone of outdoor and wildland fire dangers. It is also a great time to add some home fire safety items to your spring cleaning list.

Please take the time to click on the links below and view the safety tips or better yet; print them out and share with others.

Grilling Safety Tips Sheet
Smoking Safety Tip Sheet
Wildfire Safety Tip Sheet
Dryer Safety Tips

Tips that your furnace may be needing some professional attention

•           Streaks of soot around the furnace

•           No upward draft in your chimney

•           Excessive moisture on the windows, walls, and other cold surfaces

•           Excessive rusting on flue pipes, pipe connections, or appliance jacks

•           Water leaking from the base of the chimney, vent, or flue pipe

•           Rust on the vent pipe visible from outside

Smoke Alarm Safety Tips
Home Escape Plan

On The Move

March 13, 2017

Promotions are something special. It's difficult to become a firefighter, and even more difficult to be selected among your peers to fill leadership roles in the department. These firefighters exemplify the values of the Casper Fire-EMS Department - we're proud to have them, and they are proud to serve Casper.

Congrats to all!

From Engineer to Captain: Chad Denton

From Firefighter to Engineer: Jeremy Bledsoe

From Probationary Firefighter to Firefighter: Troy Heib and Matt Thomas

For information about Natrona County please visit The Natrona Regional Geospatial Cooperative website.

There is a tab for Natrona County Public Safety that will include CFD call information.
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