The training and personnel division is a critical division in Casper Fire-EMS as it provides for the education and wellness of all firefighters within our organization. This division is responsible for hiring, promotional testing, and disciplinary action. Furthermore, this division ensures our members are healthy through programs and exams.
The training aspect of the division is the vehicle which allows our organization to reach its vision of providing service with skill. The skills firefighters possess are learned and must be constantly honed and updated. As our world evolves, so must the fire service. For every additional service our community asks of us, we must obtain new skill sets.
The goals of this division are to see our members:
  • Get all the knowledge they can in order to better serve the public.
  • Are educated and empowered to make the best decisions.
  • Have a long and healthy career.
  • Go home after every shift. 
This division strives to ask the difficult questions and make the impossible solutions, possible. Although the division is the responsibility of Division Mark Harshman, the real work is done by the firefighters who dedicate themselves to teaching so, “Everyone Goes Home”.



Want to become a firefighter?
Casper Fire-EMS Conducts a test every other year on odd years, usually the third week in August.
The next test will be in 2015 and will consist of the following:
    Civil Service Written
    Physical Agility Exam
    Oral boards
As the testing gets closer date and time information will be posted here.
What do I need?
  • To take physical agility test the applicant must pass the written test with 75% or better
  • To take the oral examination, the applicant must pass the physical agility exam
  • Must present driver's license at each step of the testing process
  • A City of Casper Application must be on file in Human Resources
  • Wyoming EMT Certification is required at the time of hire.
  • Must have High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Must have EMT-B at time of hire
  • Must be 18 years of age to apply
  • Must be 19 years of age at time of hire
A.A.S. in Fire Science or a B.S. or B.A. in related field
Emergency service or military experience
How do I get started?
To get to employment listings click here: Link to HRs Employment - Employment
What is the testing process?
Exam - It is a basic civil service exam that covers basic topics like reading comprehension, reading tables and graphs, and mechanical processes. The candidate must be in the top 50 and get a score greater than 75% to move to the second part of the process.
Physical agility - It is a pass fail test, where the candidate must climb our 105 foot aerial platform followed by completing the Firefighter Combat Test in less than seven minutes. The time limit is for the combat test only. For details on what the combat test is click here: Firefighter's Combat Challenge
Oral Board - Is a question and answer test where six to seven current employees and one to two members from other departments or the community will ask the candidate questions. The questions are the same for all candidates.
I have already graduated from a fire academy do I need to do another?
Yes; we think the best way for our people to be successful is to lay down clear expectations and because these are the major components of our academy, we require all new hires to go through our academy regardless of their prior experience and education.


Does CF-EMS accept lateral transfers from other fire departments?
  • No. you must go through the civil service on-coming testing process as required by state law.
Does Casper Fire-EMS (CFD) run ambulances?
  • No
Do CFD firefighters need to work additional jobs.
  • The pay is about 47k a year; your standard of living will dictate your need for a second job.
If hired would my previous experience increase my starting salary?
  • No
Does CFD work a 48/96 schedule?
  • Yes
Are CFD firefighters trained in either HazMat or Technical Rescue?
  • Both
Is there a yearly physical agility test and is the weight of one's job based on if you pass or not?
  • Yes; the combat test is less than 7 minutes annually.
Does the CFD teach CPR classes?
  • Yes