Keep America Beautiful's mission revolves around a core belief that beauty is a silent but powerful force that makes communities safer, healthier and more livable. We know that when a community and its residents unite with beautification as a common purpose, transformations occur not only in the physical surroundings, but in the hearts and minds of everyone involved.
Keep Casper Beautiful beautification efforts include:

Public Art

Power of Actions
Public art is an important component in beautification and place making efforts. Art communicates to viewers individually and can connect people and places.

Keep Casper Beautiful is currently collaborating with The Casper Artists' Guild on the Wyocity Public Art project.


Tree planting

 tree planting

Keep Casper Beautiful works closely with city arborists.  Trees are not only beautiful; they stabilize soil, clean our air, provide shade, and can provide habitat for animals.  But, it is important to plant the right tree in the right place. For more information click here.
The City of Casper also promotes tree planting in boulevards or public rights of way through the Street Tree Program.  A cost sharing program between home owners and the city, the Street Tree Program seeks to enhance Casper's urban forest.

Flower planting

flower planting

Keep Casper Beautiful works with the city parks department to plant flowers in planters in parks and along streets.

Graffiti Abatement and Prevention



Graffiti hurts our neighborhoods, our schools and our whole community. Keep Casper Beautiful is dedicated to graffiti cleanup and prevention. We have teamed with the Police Department and Code Enforcement to help Casper's citizens who have been victims of graffiti vandalism. You can also help by volunteering to organize a graffiti paint out.
Victim of graffiti? Call the City of Casper police department's non-emergency number, (307) 235-8278 to report graffiti.