Casper Parking Plan


What is the Casper Urban Center Strategic Parking Plan?
The goal of this project is to find parking solutions for a growing Downtown and Old Yellowstone District. The Plan will serve as a policy, management, and planning guide for future development and management of parking and public rights-of-way by:
  • Undergoing a collaborative process between the City of Casper, its partners, residents, property owners, and businesses;
  • Understanding current parking conditions as well as future needs as we continue to grow;
  • Developing an overall 5-10 year vision to guide parking management and streetscape design in Downtown Casper and the Old Yellowstone District. This will be done with respect to larger land development and transportation contexts, while also providing direction for day-to-day parking decisions;
  • Seeking out innovative and new parking opportunities;
  • Developing strategies, designs, and specific action items that address how to achieve that vision.

To learn more about the scope of this project. See the initial Request for Proposal (RFP) below.

What have we done?

Data Collection    |    Proper data collection is the foundation of any good parking study and can vary from simple inventories to large-scale turnover and occupancy analysis. Reviewing existing conditions is critical for the Parking Plan and will allow us to better understand existing parking assets, usage patterns, and overall parking demand needs for the community. At this time, we have completed a simplified Supply/Demand Assessment including private and public inventory counts, occupancy counts, and measuring turnover. In other words, we asked, "How many parking spaces do we have?" and "When are they being used and how often?"  You can check out our initial findings by clicking here or by finding it in the Document Container below. 

Public Outreach   |    On February 13th we held an Open House at City Hall to share our initial findings, show project progress and next steps, launched an online survey, and hosted an interactive financial investment booth. Roughly 50 people joined us on that day to share with us their thoughts on Downtown and OYD Parking. We understand that not everyone can attend our public meetings. For your convenience we put together a survey that you can take anywhere and any time.

What are we up to now?

Draft Plan     |     A draft of the Plan has been released and is available for public review here. Please share your questions, comments, or concerns. Click here.

Mapping Survey
    |    Take 2 minutes to show us exactly where you find it most challenging to find a parking space today. Click here.

Future Demand Projections    |    Data collection continues as we assess future development projects and growth trends in Downtown and the OYD to determine what kinds of parking we may need 10 years from now, and beyond.

If you have questions or would like to sign up for regular project updates, visit our Contact Page.