Casper Area Transportation Plans

The purpose of these projects was to assist these local communities with the transportation and transportation-related components of their Comprehensive Plan Updates. The Towns of Evansville and Mills have approved their plans following a public comment period. Bar Nunn will have a 30 day public comment period during the spring of 2018 once they have completed their land use plan which will be included in the transportation plan. The individual Transportation Plans have been designed by the consultant, Michael Baker, following a year long process of input from the citizens of Evansville, Mills and Bar Nunn. 

Mills  -  Final Transportation Plan
Evansville  -  Final Transportation Plan
Bar Nunn (land use section pending) - Draft Transportation Plan

Casper Urban Center Strategic Parking Plan

The Casper Parking Plan will serve as a policy, management, and planning guide for future development and management of parking and public right of way by:

  • Undergoing a collaborative process between the City, its partners, stakeholders, and businesses;
  • Understanding current conditions as well as future needs;
  • Developing an overall 5-10 year vision to guide parking management and streetscape design in Downtown Casper and the Old Yellowstone District, with respect to larger land use and transportation contexts, for use by policy-makers, City staff, and all interested stakeholders, while also providing direction for day-to-day parking decisions;
  • Seeking out innovative and new parking opportunities;
  • Developing strategies, designs, and specific action items that address how to achieve that vision.

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